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Dohány u. 1/A, 1074 Hungary

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Dohány u. 1/A, 1074 Hungary
Mátyás Szabados on Google

I was there on a company dinner and I had to wait more than an hour for my fish and chips which was soaked in burnt oil. The waiter wanted to convince me that Schneider Weisse and Stiegl are the same beers.. The bowling area is very small, only 5 of our group of 9 was able to play. I would not recommend this place in any sense.
Zeev Arieli on Google

We regret our visit. Out of the three dishes, only the goulash soup was good. Chicken burger was ok and "home made" burger was totally industrialized.... Waiters were quick but most of them didn't understand English and made mistakes with our order. Not a good experience.
Wei-Peng Weng on Google

Food was okay, lemonade tasted not so good. The soup I ordered got forgotten, and it took quite a while to make one of the waitresses come to my table, told her that I've ordered a beef soup and it didn't come, she said 'What soup?' Then she told me to wait for another 2 minutes, while I actually waited for more than 5 minutes till the soup finally came, with no apology at all...at payment, the clerk even asked how much I wanted to pay for tips, though it's a custom in Hungary, the poor service doesn't deserve tips really...
Balázs Cseh on Google

The place is deceivingly large/spacious, which is good. As for games, their bowling system tends to act up. Happened on two separate occasions now. I would still go there as i find the two lanes they have quite cozy, but kinda have to expect technical issues especially on lane no2. The food is quite expensive and while it is not bad, it is not on par with the price. I guess price is more for the location. Waiters were not on top of their game either, made quite a few mistakes, but they were kind and accommodating at the same time. Overall a good place for gaming and the occasional beer or two, but would not recommend if eating is also planned.
Zsolt Nyeste on Google

Food was nice, especially the "kemencés csülök". The waiter was kind, quick and even funny, everything was OK. Our reservation was lost despite we confirmed it more than once, but not in writing. At payment the other waiter was rather rude with some of us. Small thing, but the place has a weird decoration.
Imre Kovács on Google

A big restaurant, pub with bowling, darts and pool, so you can find what you are looking for, whether it is food, drinks, or playing some games. The bowling is quite good, you get the shoes, there are 2 lanes and you can rent them by the hour. They are far from the normal pub area, which is good, as the noise is not getting there, but a little problematic, when you want to order another round of beers and have to walk all the way back. The staff is average, not too polite, but not rude. Prices are okay, you can pay by card as well. We tried a few food and those were fine - again, nothing spectacular, but good quality for the price.
Authentic Experience on Google

Place is cozy but it can be more better. The waiters are very friendly but the furniture can be more good. This place is in front of historical Jews place and popular for tourists but they haven’t considered it so nicely. I like their idea but there is still room for improvement. Foods are drinks are not so expensive compared to its location. Only 4 star from me because of its cleanliness. Altogether it’s very good place maybe I was in wrong time. But I will recommend all to at least visit them once and gry their hospitality. I hope you won’t get disappointed. 😊
Csaba Orbán on Google

I cannot belive this shame can happen in Budapest. It is the worst place I have ever been and I mean it. The food is terrible and disgusting. We had been waitong for the food for 1,5 hours. When I told the waiter “we are hungry”, the arrogant answer was this: “me too”.

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