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Liszt Ferenc tér 8, 1061 Hungary

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Postal code : 8
Website : http://zeneakademia.hu/
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Description : Art nouveau building housing a concert hall & classical music school, plus a Franz Liszt collection.

Liszt Ferenc tér 8, 1061 Hungary
Mark Peacock on Google

Beautiful interior that's been recently renovated. Did the 1:30pm English language tour. Had an impromptu recital from one of the students and then saw the main concert hall. The content felt a bit light for the ticket price, but they did a great job with the restoration.
lucky chan on Google

Very amazing classic music. Especially with piano
RD on Google

You must certainly visit this building when you come to Budpaest. It is astonishing, and the architecture is beautiful! Taking the guided tour is a must, since you need to hear about the background and inspirations behind the design elements. I have actually gone twice, since it was very mesmerizing the first time. You don’t even need to be into opera, or architecture, to enjoy this tour. This building is a gem, and everyone can appreciate the beauties of its design.
Thuy Duong Nguyen on Google

If you are a tourist, buying a ticket for one of the concert presented at this location would definitely scaling up your experience in Hungary. The interior of the establishment gives you a very subtle feeling of elegancy. You have a chance to dress up if you decide to visit this place. The staff are always helpful and respectful, the quality of the concerts are unquestionnable. I recommend to book a ticket in the afternoon in the summer so you can still explore the area next to the Zeneakademia which is lively and filled with many restaurants.
Lady Z on Google

Wonderful historic music venue that attracts world-class artists. Not to be missed!
Judy Magyar on Google

Magnificent place with amazingly talented musicians
Habodász Szabolcs on Google

Get ready for a lot of details about the building and the symbolism from the guide if you visit the building on a guided tour. The main hall is stunning. The tour also includes a 10m miniconcert. Visiting an event that takes place in the mainhall is also an option to marvel of its beauty if you don't care about Apollo and his angels
Bence Filep on Google

The interior is nice, the concerts are great, but there are some pain points. It would be nice to have more/bigger restrooms, you usually need to wait some time for it (old building, so probably there is no more space for that, I admit). The cloakroom is not included in the price of the concert ticket, you need to pay for that separately. Based on the hand written receipt it seems unlikely that you could pay with card (did not ask about it, so not sure). It would be better to have this service included in the price of the ticket. The most negative point however is the cafe. It has a very limited capacity, so the guests should definitely prepare for the situation that they would not be able to order before the concert continues. That can be accepted, but the negligence regarding the service is very painful. There should be a row marked out to the counter, like at airports (kind of ribbon barrier) to make the crowd form a basic queue, there is enough space for that. Currently the cafe operates as a simple night club where people are just fighting each other to reach the counter to order something. If the place thinks that the visitors are smart and polite and they wait in a theoretical line patiently, they are wrong. By an organized queue guests could easily estimate that they would not be able to order before the end of the break. This lack of queue is the main reason for the average rating.

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