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COPYGURU Kft. - Lap, lap után! -

COPYGURU Kft. Lap, lap után! Cégünk 100%-ban magyar tulajdonú vállalkozás. 2005 óta állunk ügyfeleink rendelkezésre, immár Budapest 10 pontján. Nevünkben a GURU szó, összefoglalja filozófiánkat: mesterei vagyunk a szakmának, s a ránk bízott feladatokat a legjobb tudásunk szerint végezzük el. Tudásunk mellé profizmus is társul, így ügyfeleink egyedi igényeit is ki tudjuk szolgálni.

COPYGURU Kft. - Lap, lap után! -

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Hernád u. 7, 1078 Hungary
Marc M. on Google

Helpful and good price. Recommended for personal use and I would say small business needs. Not sure how they would handle presentation level stuff, so that is something you would have to inquire about. But for my needs, they were very good
Balint Balint on Google

The staff reacted arrogant and smug. It happened for the second time. I don't recommend this place at all. Maybe the staff at other locations are better.
Balázs Horváth on Google

Slow computers but you can print stuff on budget.
JKKL on Google

Love it. Easy to reach, easy to print anything you need. Prices are pretty low and you can always ask for some help if needed
Elmar David on Google

Weird and hostile attitude when I asked on the phone about opening hours. The young gentlewoman was Clearly not interested in attracting new customers. I guess that expensive equipment is paid for and they're done with people. Nobody needs to come, nobody needs to pay. It's all good. This typical lazy Hungarian attitude is getting to me, but serves them right! Just look around the capital today. 3rd world is just beyond the corner...
László Lang on Google

The queue at the desk moves at a snail's pace, the staff members are rude, and they do nothing to help foreign customers navigate the Hungarian-language user interface. Plus, if the previous customer has left the printer in color mode and you forget to select black and white, they will try to make you pay for it, which is like five times the price.
Andrey P on Google

I have a good experience with the service, everything went smooth, staff was also friendly and helpful. The only troublesome thing was the part I just came into the office, saw the line, and simply didn't understood what to do, because most of the information is in Hungarian. They surely do have English on their terminals and the information board, but I had to ask other visitors what should I do, and where to start here.
Nelly Kent on Google

The best copy center in the city. Tho even if there are just a few copy centres in budapest they could offer more services and make money as well . But otherwise it’s all good

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