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Benczúr köz 9, 1068 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +9
Postal code : 9
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Benczúr köz 9, 1068 Hungary
Jukka Kontsas on Google

Nice modern playground suitable for smaller kids also.
Mark Bollobas on Google

The nicest public playground in the area. It can get quite busy as local schools often bring bigger parties out here to play. But there are slides, swings, a large sandpit, and also a public toilet (which may or may not be open, it seems to be random). It closes a little bit before sundown.
Nagy Tamás on Google

Very nice playground, we come here often since the big playground in the city park is closed for renovation, this is a very good alternative in the neighbourhood. In the afternoon there are a lot of shades from the trees around it. However it is a little bit tricky to find it for the first time, Street View can help ;)
Trent Chellingworth on Google

Well maintained, with lots of activities for kids, nestled away from the bustling traffic
Alison Rebagliati - Lontay on Google

A wonderful public playground, very clean, catering for tiny tots up to ten year olds. It is beautifully designed with painted wooden animals, climbing frames, a variety of swings, one for toddlers and mothers to swing together. A large sand pit with a wooden ship. The public bathrooms were very clean. There is a mini football pitch enclosed. Finally they have a mini theatre too!
Andrea Kertész-Kerpen on Google

Perfect place for kids under 3. Huge platan trees, enough room for many kids. Toilet and baby changing room is available. Variation of hand painted wooden toys.
Laura Bud on Google

I think it's the most beautiful playground I have ever seen. Also has big variety of toys.
Gyorgy Valyi on Google

One of the best playgrounds in Budapest. Clean and tidy, safe for children, well kept. Many different toys. Toilet, drinking fountain.

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