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Profi kerékpárbolt, kerékpárszerviz és kerékpár webshop Budapest. Bianchi kerékpár, Castelli, Bicycle Line, Fulcrum, Selle SMP kerékpár kiegészítők és alkatrészek forgalmazása.

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Dózsa György út 78, 1071 Hungary

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Dózsa György út 78, 1071 Hungary
Richard Jones on Google

These guys are great. Knowledgeable and friendly too. Took my bike for a service and it's the best it's ridden in years. They took more care than other shops where I've had it serviced. Highly recommended.
Marietta on Google

I’ve ordered a headlamp and a rear light. Although the rear light i’ve chosen was not available anymore, they called and offered a similar product. The shipping was fast and they packed the stuff into a used box - i really appreciated their recycling effort using less packaging material:)
Roland Pfohl on Google

4 staff chatting/doing nothing VS only one customer (me) requiring a 30min work on a bike max! Nah... sorry we cant help you we are full. Really??? Ok guys, sorry for disturbing, wont happen again. Byyyyyyyyeeee
Bence Oláh on Google

Bought a new bike, order was delayed, but I believe it was a covid issue, not their fault. In general they were kind and responsive. There is one thing which is a bit negative, due to weak forint they had increaased prices after my order was in place, but at the end they give my some discounts on the new price so the difference was a few percent only, still i dont like changing the price after the agreement... Overal I would go back, but keep in mind weak forint can change your final price a bit...
Judit Perenyi on Google

Definitely the best bike store in Budapest. Great selection of bikes and gear, high level professional service, no compromise on the quality. If you are in doubt you can ask the advise of multiple guys in the store and they always came up with the best solution, at least that was my case ;) The guys in the store make sure that the bike you are buying fits you perfectly and if it doesnt they wouldnt sell it to you. E.g. i was going to buy a supercool Specialized carbon gravel bike and my size was suppesed to be 54, after trying many times they established that the handles were a bit to far for me, even if it was supposed to be my size and recommended that i order a smaller size. They said they cannot sell me a bike that is less than perfect. I was lucky as there was 1 single bike a size smaller and i had it in a couple of days. The bike couldnt fit better i absolutely love it. When it comes to the service, it is top quality, i would not take my bike elsewhere. They also have a nice selection of other equipment, clothers,... To sum up, it is my to go bikestore.
Pablo Diego on Google

If you go to the store, expect paying the full price and not any discounts as it appears online. Just don't go to the store attracted by a price you have seen online.... Order it and go pick it up, if anything. They speak English and some days they are nicer than others.
Gergő Krátky on Google

Super friendly and helpful staff Spacious shop, with a nice atmosphere My new favorite place
Malcolm Barrett on Google

I went to the shop with the specific intention of getting some apparel to take back to Abu Dhabi with me. I was greeted warmly by the staff who from what I experienced, all spoke English. After I explained my needs Anna, who was seconded from head office apparently, was super helpful. She was in and out of the store room bringing me different items that she felt would suit my needs. She stayed with me the whole time, offering different suggestions and items. I purchased numerous items by a lesser unknown Italian brand (Bicycle Line (BL). Really great quality apparel at very affordable prices compared to other more known brands. I really enjoyed the experience and thoroughly recommend the store.

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