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Székely Mihály u. 3, 1061 Hungary

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Székely Mihály u. 3, 1061 Hungary
Caitlin Goodman on Google

Does not accept card and expect the total to be much higher than on the sign if you are staying overnight. We were there for less than 48 hours and were charged 19200. Do not go here!!!
Martin on Google

We paided 120 euros for 3 days, according to the official information the price for 3 days is 59 euros. We feeling cheated. We still do not know why we paid so much. Parking staff don't speak English and was very aggressive so getting more information wasn't possible.
Mati on Google

Awful parking.First of all,they offer 24 hs costumers service and I called to the number for a consultation and noone spoke english!! Second,they offered a Free overnight parking coupon from 22-6am.There is no way to use it because no attendant in the parking so you are forced to pay in the machine!! So I subscribed for nothing,I went to that parking because of that deal which I couldn't use it and I finally I payed very expensive price.I tried to find a person in charge to explain this and noone was there, or answered the service button.. Third,the pay machine works very bad,it doesnt take certain bills and It took me 20 min to pay. There are many other parking around the city,don't waste your time with this company
stanislav škrabl on Google

Its 2019 and the pay machine is from the 80s. It only accepts new bank notes fresh from bank and if you got some in your pocket for 2 days they are rejected. Their english site tells you that you can pay with CREDIT CARD but you can not!!!! It also says that its 21e per day BUT NOWHERE DOES IT SAY that you have to buy it in ADVANCE to get this price!!!! I paid 120e for 3days instead of 57e!!! Never again!! Miss information on their site!! They want to milk out every cent from us turists. And why put price in euros if you only accept HUF! Had to exchange over 120e to pay for this! Never again!
Silva Novak on Google

Disappointed. Never again. But really never again!!!! Avoid these parking garages as much as possible. Prices are well visible, but a warning that it is necessary to pay for such a price in advance, is hidden and thinly written only that tourists do not see! Also, prices are quoted in euros. But you CAN NOT pay in euros. Where is the logic? No logic, it's just misleading!!! And that's not all! In the 21st century you CAN NOT pay with a card. Seriously!?!? And for the end. Stairway unsettled, dirty and stink.
Balázs Gál on Google

Website says it is not possible to pay with credit or debit card. Ticket machine does not accept 5000HUF notes (amount I had to pay 2800HUF). It even has troubles accepting smaller notes, despite earlier repair attempts. No money change machine nearby, but a shady street ATM. Parking space is acceptable. Stairwell is not cleaned. Display at exit tollgate is not functioning.
C Tran on Google

When we parked the car, the attendance said to pay when you exit the garage. We were shocked when we got the car in the morning. They charged us by the hours instead of the daily rate. We had to paid 8400HUF instead of 6800HUF because we did not pay the fee in advanced. Beware of this garage! Also, they only accepted cash.
Sorin Șerban on Google

Just what you need, where you need it! Easily accessible and contact-less payment options.

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