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Gellérthegy, Gellért-hegy, 1118 Hungary

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City : hegy

Gellérthegy, Gellért-hegy, 1118 Hungary
Eliav Zukerman on Google

Great playgroud in a lovely enviroment. Climb a bit too steep for youbg children.
zamberro r on Google

one of the best city playground of all time :D
Filip Miloszewski on Google

Amazing slides, really well designed area allowing kids to have relatively reckless fun and parents chilling on well shaded benches. The only drawback is that some of the slides can get extremely hot on a summer day.
Sara Hirschler on Google

Incredible slide-based playground surrounded by shady trees. Has drinking water fountain, sandbox and other climbing structures. Definitely worth the climb up the hill to get there!
Justyna P. on Google

Great playground which made our trip to Gellert Hill very pleasant:) kids loved it! Playground suitable for the youngest and a bit older kids; different slides and climbing zone.
Ivan Milić on Google

Great amusement park for kids (and adults)! It's free, very clean and well kept. The slides are the top attraction here, but kids can also jump on the small trampolines and climb the many obstacles here. The park has two small water pipes with potable water and a small food stand with sweets. Recommended for kids up to 15 years of age.
Georgiana Anghel on Google

This place is just amazing. You cannot go wrong with it. Kids have a lot of things to try and there are so well planned and very good quality. Our 3+ years old was so happy there. Lots of greenery around the playground.
Bill Barekas on Google

Amazing place for the kids of ANY age. My 8 year old boy was super happy with this playground. He even managed to climb up to the high tower. Even some parents try some slides and I find this normal due to the unique experience.

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