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Károlyi kert 25, 1053 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +9998
Postal code : 25
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Description : Compact city park with 2 playgrounds, grassy lawns & tree-shaded benches, plus a summer cafe.

Károlyi kert 25, 1053 Hungary
Gabor Neogrady on Google

Lovely place to have a rest, or sit for a while. With or without children.
Balázs Turzó on Google

Great place to visit. Beautiful garden. Some part of it is currently under construction.
Dnyaneshwar Matre on Google

It is such beautiful park. I spend hours sitting there, while my daughters plays in the sand box and play area. It has clean washroom, you can use it for free.Kids can see rabbit near washroom.It is not over crowded either like other parks. Mostly people from neighborhood comes there.
Elizabeth Holmbring on Google

6 years living in Sweden, never been mesmerized with a park that actually perfect for toddler like mine! Even I was enjoying playing in there! I would say all of the toys are playable for my 2,5 yo son. The sand place is full with plastic buckets, and all other accessories so we dont need to bring our own sand bucket. It is super highly recommended!
Peter Volcsei on Google

Beautiful park, full of terees and facilities for all kind of activities. The perfect spot to relax after a busy day/week. Surprisingly calm and pieceful. One of the oldest park of Budapest. There is 2 playgrounds for kikds, numerous statues, beaches, tables. These is even a book vending machine and an other book box to relax your mind too. Highly recommend to visit! There is a good museum right next to it and a restaurant too. The buildings are quite pretty around as well.
Aren Withnell on Google

Staff at the park are very rude and unfriendly. A small angry old man who works there shouted at us for walking through the park smoking. We did not know it was no smoking. We said sorry and left the park when we were informed however this sad little man who worked there wanted impose what little authority he had.
Matan Horvitz on Google

Very nice park with beautiful water show
Jenő László on Google

This place is amazing and I cannot wait until the renovations and the reunification with the former Károlyi residence finishes. We usually come here during weekends with the kids so they can enjoy the playground. There seem to be lots of expats hanging out here as well which is cool.

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