Main Playground in Városliget - Main Playground in Városliget

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Városligeti Nagyjátszótér - Liget Budapest Projekt -

A Nagyjátszótér, az első mérföldkő a család- és gyermekbarát Városligetben. A Liget Budapest Projektnek köszönhetően több új játszótér is helyet kap a megújuló parkban.

Városligeti Nagyjátszótér - Liget Budapest Projekt -

Amennyiben a Városliget területhasználatáról, a közterület rendjéről érdeklődsz, itt megtalálsz minden szükséges információt.

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Ajtósi Dürer sor 15, 1146 Hungary

Postal code : 15
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Description : Kids' play area with elaborate slides & ropeways, plus a climbing area resembling a hot air balloon.

Ajtósi Dürer sor 15, 1146 Hungary
Anja Christiansen on Google

Really nice and very big playground. Room for plenty of kids and parents. Fenced. Good for both small and big kids. Well kept, seems quite new.
Stephanie Kovacs on Google

Most awesome playground for kids of all ages and grown-ups too! There's all the modern amenities you could ask for, working toilets (small 100Huf fee) and a snack bar (Léghajó) which offers a wide array of street food (pizza slices, hot-dogs, sandwiches and pastries as well as at least one selection of soup or stew), good coffee, hot chocolate, homemade soft drinks and fresh OJ. There are picnic tables and solar powered outlets. The only complaint I've heard from parents of multiple children is that if the kids wander off in opposite directions, it's hard to keep track, it is a huge playground (fenced-in), so I would recommend to tell the older kids to meet up at the hot air balloon if they can't find you (or the toilet area where there are employees working for the park) This park is a Godsend during the lockdown.
Sam Kim on Google

This place is amzing for both kids and parents. I've never seen these awsome playground and peaceful park and nice restaurants at thr same time.
Ivonig Corfmat on Google

The new playground is very impressive. Swings, slide, sandboxes and more importantly huge climbing structure. It's good for every ages as some part of the park are for the smaller ones and some for actually the 7+. It has paid toilets (free under 6). In summer it seems there will be a little water stream with dams to play with. Very highly recommended but very crowded playground.
Luuu on Google

Big & really beautiful playground with a lot of nice play equipments for every age. Sadly there are a loooooot of people... too much for my taste.
Tamas Ridly on Google

Large area of playground for all age groups. Real experience to try them :)
Anton Bendarzsevszkij on Google

Wow, just wow! This is the best playground I've ever experienced! And it is fantastic both with smaller and bigger children! Our kids loved it and didn't want to leave. It's a pity that at the time when I was a child we didn't have such playgrounds...
Pauline bidzoni on Google

Lovely beautiful playground for kids. You can easily spend a whole day there

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