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Kondorosi út 14, 1116 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +7977
Postal code : 14
Website : https://www.facebook.com/nyekiimreuszodahivatalos/
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Kondorosi út 14, 1116 Hungary
Timi Bozsányi on Google

Nice place if you like swimming. There is a pool for the little ones as well. Apart from that there are 2 big pools with deep water.
Karesz Balázs on Google

The main indoor area is being refurbished in July, hopefully it will be the same quality as the outdoor area! They did a great job upgrading the outdoor pools and recreational area.
D. Ares on Google

Cant swim without wearing a swim hat in the outside pool. I had an argument for 10 minute afterwards that i do not wish to swim with one. Alexander the lifeguard? Finaly told me i can get my money back at the register, This person told me for 10 minutes that she does not speak english, and finaly searched for someone who speaks english, after i mentoined 5 times to do this. I then had to explain the situation all over again.. and was told to get my ticket back from the guy who keeps it when u get a locker key.. This guy told me which ticket and threw all the tickets all over the place and forced me to search for one of the amount that i had spend. I did get my money back in the end.. this was after an almost another discussion with the cassier lady; who was saying that i was in the pool for one hour. But I got the money back after she saw the look on my face that i was done with it
Mate Lakat on Google

Very busy even in the mornings. On a Thursday I had to leave because there was no room to swim without collisions. No fast lane, people swim randomly ignoring others. You cannot pay with a credit card. Once you are lucky enough to hit the pool, it's ok, water temperature is good, water is clean. I was visiting the facility in the mornings.
Xenoph on Google

They did a great job refurbrishing the place, though the main swimming area hasn't changed much. There's now a blue concrete-ish structure spanning across the entire main pool at 25m so it isn't 33m long anymore.
Zoltan Keseru on Google

Nice swimming pool, open all year around. Swimming training courses are available!
Ábel Bagaméry on Google

The indoor pool is 33 meters and they have two saunas too. This is a reasonable place for swimming, especially during the summer season (May to September) when you have the option of the outdoor pools too. Should you want to avoid the crowd make sure to pick a less popular time for your visit as the place is really sought after mainly by the locals.
Tomasz Kachnic on Google

Do you know this guy that always promises everything and never delivers? The same story with this swimming pool. My last 5 attempts were a fail, they were never opened. Same story today, there is a national holiday and people go out. When I arrived, I saw multiple people coming the same way. I was happy to finally be lucky with this place. Unfortunately me and the crowd just tried to get in but only saw the closed doors. This place should consider exchanging the management and work towards being more customer friendly. On top, with all my previous experience of course I go and check first their webpage. But of course there is no up to date information. On top, Google was mentioning that it's open today, so this also should be updated! Worst. Swimmingpool. Ever.

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