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A TRIP célja, hogy folytatni tudja az színházi előadások, koncertek és táncelőadások streamelését, az ebben közreműködő partnereinknek nagyon köszönjük a támogatást!

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Budapest Szilágyi Dezső tér 2-es móló, 1011 Hungary

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Postal code : 2-
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City : es móló

Budapest Szilágyi Dezső tér 2-es móló, 1011 Hungary
Kund Filep on Google

They have to fire the security guards. They are rude and punch whithout verbal warning. I had to call police.
László Vasa on Google

Very stylish place in the middle of the downtown, very fair drink prices. Amazing view!!
Péter Nádas on Google

Nice place to have a drink or attend to a concert with amazing view to the pairlament. The prices are in the middle range. Go to the top of the ship and enjoy the river and the city.
Kund Filep on Google

Do not go to this place if you don't want to get punched by a security guy for no reason.We were enjoying our drinks with my friends, there were only about 20-30 people on the boat but they just locked the seats away in a room. In the abcence of a seat, i offerd my seat to one of the girls in our group and thought i would lean on an empty tabel. All off a sudden one of the security guys grabbed me and pushed me away from the tabel and sayd that i am not allowd to sit there. When i asked why he couldn't ask me instead of using aggression he punched me in the face in front of everybody with no reason, than he trew me out. I called the police, and after hearing out all of the eye wittnesses they declared that the guy commited assault on me without reason. Also the guy was about 180 cm 100kg and i am 170cm with 58 kg.... He just tried to knock me out cold when he could just take me out like you take out a cat.... I just saw some reviews about this place and everybody says they are rude, but like this?
Tibor Tézsla on Google

The view is amazing, but the stuff is the rudest I've ever met. 20 mins before closing a guy came up and told us we need to go now (we just got a round of drinks), and his boss was here 3 times already telling us to leave (which she wasn't).
Márió Farkas (FMV) on Google

Me and my friend went inside the city one night. We had no plan about where to go. So we searched up the events and found this boat with a Psytrance event. Wow that night was so great. The place is breathtaking. The view is awesome, the staff is really friendly,the dance hall was really nice.One of my best nights in Budapest.
Marton Szabo on Google

Nice ship and great view onto the Danube and buildings (including the parliament). The variety of indoor rooms and outside deck are nice. Wish the bars were more serious and better equipped with better trained staff.
Gabor Molnar on Google

There is nice view from the boat, however the bartenders are extremely rude, unexperienced and outrageous. We saw here probably few of the most gisgusting, bilious, uneducated security staff ever in Budapest. I gotta say, it is highly NOT recommended. So sorry...

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