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Margit körút 47-49, 1024 Hungary

Postal code : 47-49
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Description : Green plaza with a central fountain, flower beds & playgrounds, plus picnic areas & benches.

Margit körút 47-49, 1024 Hungary
Adam Gyökhegyi on Google

Superb park with open air gym and two playgrounds. Possibly the tallest swing in Budapest. Clean (paid) toilets on the corner.
Tibor Pataky on Google

Small but very nice. Beautiful flowers. There is a place for dogs behind the building.
Arnavaz Kharas on Google

Step off a rather busy junction to enjoy a spot of quiet. The flowerbeds are vibrant with colour. Plenty of benches. Seems to be a favourite with locals, a lot of whom bring their children to run around and play.
Bence Solymosi on Google

Beautifully renovated some years ago. Since that it is a great place to stay regardless of age. There are playgrounds, a street workout park, and a lot of benches. There is a big fountain which is a great and relaxing sight in the spring, summer and autumn. You can even walk your dog here, just dont forget to pick up the poop :)
S. B. on Google

Beautiful place. Even 2 playground. For little ones and for the bigger kids. And a stunning fountain
Mészáros Máté on Google

Beautiful park with a fountain and many benches. There's also an outdoor gym here
Juliana on Google

Super nice park, full of flowers in the spring, good place to relax :)
Ferenc Csonka on Google

Pretty good place to sit and relax. Surroundings are green and the sound of the fountain is calming. Quite popular among families with kids as there is a playground. There's also probably the best outdoor exercise park I have seen in the area.

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