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Puskás Aréna

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1146 Hungary

Phone : 📞 +7
Website : https://puskasarena.com/
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City : Puskás Aréna
Description : Stadium hosting mainly soccer and music events, with a capacity of nearly 70,000 spectators.

1146 Hungary
Mark Hayes on Google

Beautiful venue with hi tech access to get in, at least for the Euro 2020 matches. There is really not a bad seat in the house here. Close access to local mass transit to allow quick and easy ingests and egress. If you have a chance to see a game or event here you will be please.
Alexey Zhukov on Google

Nice new build stadium. RHCP concert was great.
mike bolgar on Google

The BEST OF THE BEST Unic experience You must go to see a game on this HUMANGOS PLACE
Ganna Sakr on Google

Amazing organizing, vibes are on fire! And non-forgettable experience
Bobby Axelrod on Google

The venue veue is good. They should work on the sound & on the way you can get drinks.
Bence Borovi on Google

Huge stadium with a beautiful park. The park is in two parts. 1. In front of the stadium with statues, treadmill, toilet and a great playground. 2. Behind the stadium: A bigger park with basketball and football courts, ping-pong tables, outdoor workout area, another treadmill, beautiful grass and plants, a restaurant and another toilet.
Emil Magušin on Google

Pretty nice place and it's easy to find your seat, the labelings are well placed.I appreciate cleanliness and well kept area. It was easy to leave the stadium after the show, no big queues.
Ненад Б. on Google

Beautifull new stadium which attracts so many people from neigboring countries with its concerts. It is one of the best things for Budapest tourism. I visited one concert this year which was organized very good. Despite thousands of people, tiolettes were clean, everything is marked well, every coridore is friendly and easy to understand. It also has elevators and entrance for people with disabilities. The seats are comfortable and there is enough leg room. Almost at every sector you can find an exit with a bar and hotdog. Firat tip: The acoustic on the upper levels is not so good - the guitar and other instruments are ok, but the human voice from the microfone is bad, so if you by a ticket for a concert better try to find in the lower levels (you can sve and hear the video attached). Second tip: if you are a tourist in Budapest it is better to pay by a card than to exchange money - most of the bars at the stadium accept only cards!

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